Channel 4 – First Dates

Mise en Scene –

The location of ‘First Dates’ is a Restaurant located in London. It is very well lit and in nearly every shot (it wouldn’t suit the vibe that the show is trying to set plus the audience wouldn’t be able to see everything on the scene) this shows us that overall the tone is meant to be romantic and happy (for most) and so the hanging lights also help to ‘set the mood’ of the show. The majority of the shows lighting is natural (in the sense that it is lighted from the restaurants lights). the overall design with the colours is that there are a lot of bright colours and lots of fairly neutral colours but there is also a huge lack of darker colours, this is because the brighter, happier colours fit better with the overall feel and vibe of the show.


Sound –

The sound design of the programme is generally ambient noise of the restaurant along with whomever is on screen and whatever is the main focus usually the people on dates). Other sounds during the show may be enhanced to give more of an affect and engage the audience more, for example, a bottle of champagne opening might have a a different, more prominent sound dubbed over the top.


Camerawork and Editing –

There are over 30 cameras inside the restaurant that are dedicated to getting footage. There are some that are positioned near entrances and a few outside to show the datees coming in but the vast majority are set up so inside so they can capture the interactions between each date.

The show is edited together in a particular way, its almost like a pattern.usually it will go between the actual date switching between one and the other) and then to the interview after it has happened, normally asking them questions about the date and what they thought of the person afterwards. Then both people would come together to reveal whether or not they would like another date with one another.


Special Effects –

Not very many special effects are used during the show, occasionally there may be a sparkle or something to make the show more engaging but generally there isn’t much, if anything.


Audience –

The main target audience is people that are into dating/reality shows. Generally age wise they are between 16 -30 maybe 40s.


Genre Conventions, Representations and characters –

The ‘Characters’ are real people as opposed to made up, fictional characters.


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